What we do


Each of our clients have different gaming systems, built in different languages, running on different operating systems, using different databases. We therefore mould our products to work with our clients rather than the other way around. Our technical team spends time in understanding our clients systems and needs in order to provide the simplest most effective solutions with regard to game integration.

This gives us the ability to assist our clients at many levels, including:

1. Game Client Development

Programming the front end of the game system within a framework already laid down by our clients, and utilising an API to an already completed server game logic module.

2. Game Server Logic and Game Client Programming

Programming the front end of the game system as well as the game server logic module, all to communicate within the existing client framework. This allows us to build the complete game from concept & design right through statistical analysis and then on through to delivery of game client and game server modules. This significantly reduces the load on our clients development team to focus on more core sectors of their business

3. Client Framework & Game Client Programming

Building the client framework of the gaming system as well as the client games, however communicating to an already built server and game modules. This generally occurs where clients choose to adopt or expand to a different client system. (i.e. migration from download to browser based software)

4. Game Server Logic, Client Framework & Game Client Programming

This combines the above to deliver a complete frontend gaming solution, as well as continued game server module development. It allows our clients to focus their internal team solely on other sections of their business. This allows clients with small internal teams to leverage off our resources to better compete in today’s global gaming market to deliver world class products.

5. Full system development

We are capable of developing full gaming systems from start to finish, however it is not the core focus of Bet Foundry to do so, as our aim is to assist our clients, not to compete against them.

Whatever your game programming requirements, we’re able to assist you at on any level.