What we do

Probability & Statistics

Behind the scenes of every game is the probability and statistical analysis game play of the game. This requires careful design to fall in line with the client strategy & concept as well as the graphical design of the game.

Carefully balancing hit rate and volatility helps us to build significantly better game play for specific market demographics, allowing us to better target our customers’ needs.

Probability Accounting Report (PAR) Sheets define how a game is statistically designed and outlines the bounds that the game operates within.

Bet Foundry provides complete:

  • PAR Sheet production
  • Including volatility reports
  • Bonus Game Development
  • In Game
    • Vertical Wilds
    • Substitution symbols
    • Free Spins
  • Feature Games
    • Pick X of Y
    • Knockout games
    • Wheels of fortune
  • Progressive Jackpot design
    • Linked progressive design

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