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Game Types

Bet Foundry produces all types of gambling games. We however get the biggest kick out of designing exciting Slots and Scratchcards.


Since the first ‘Liberty Bell’ slot machine, slots have been getting more and more sophisticated and ultimately much more entertaining for the players. As the technology has become more advanced, slot machine have evolved into something more than just spinning reels; however spinning reel slots are also just as entertaining.

Slot machines can therefore be broken into 2 distinct categories;
Traditional slots (Replica of spinning reel games) and
Video slots (Animated video reel games).

Traditional slots

Traditional slots follow the conventional simple rolling reel mechanics, with great detailed static graphic content and symbols.


Video slots

Video slots on the other hand leverage off of new digital ‘screen’ technology that really allows game design to evolve away from the traditional physical reels, and allows all sorts of animations and effects to add to the visual and aural excitement and appeal of the game.


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Bonus Games

Bonus Games primarily take 2 forms, namely; in-game features, and side game features. In game features remain on the reels screen, and revolve around FreeSpins, Symbol Substitutions, Holds, Respins, Vertical Wilds and other exciting concepts. Conversely the side game features take the player away from the main game screen, where they play a mini game for big prizes. Careful balance of the hit frequency of both in-game features and side game features ensure that players are entertained for longer and ultimately spend more time and money on the game.


Progressive jackpots are fairly simple to implement, however they require careful study of the current player base to make sure that the prize is of significant enough size to be attractive, secondly that the payout occurs frequently enough to generate interest, and thirdly that the progressive contribution does not cripple the general playability of the game. In addition, progressives can be linked over several games, and not necessarily games with the same paytables.


Scratchcard games can be broken down into several game types targeting the gaming experience of players, namely; Traditional scratch cards, Current online casino scratchcards, Casino based scratchcard games, 2nd Screen type games, Score based games, Number games and Racing games.

Traditional (Land based) type scratch cards

These are games that closely mimic their Land Based counterparts typically found in local retail stores (Tesco's, 7Eleven, Target, etc). They can either be symbol or value based, and typically require the player to match a number of revealed items. Game mechanisms can also vary from basic match three of nine to more complicated games requiring players to scratch multiple areas until a condition is met. Generally these types of games are the most instantly recognised by the general public as scratch cards due to their resemblance and game dynamics. Games range from those that resemble land based versions very closely with high detail and very little animation, through to highly animated games that interact with the player based on their choices.


Current online casino scratch cards

Online casino scratch cards found in most online casino tend to follow a specific format. There are no animation areas, and the card has a scratch panel on the right, with a symbol matchup board on the right. As symbols are unveiled, they are checked off on the matchup board. Three in a row on the matchup board indicates a win multiplier and the win amount is the amount bet multiplied by the multiplier.


Casino based scratch card games

Casino based scratchcards closely follow traditional casino games like Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Craps. Typically they allow for some unique game play elements, however the underlying game dynamic is closely followed to allow casino players easy entry to play. Typically the graphical elements do not interact with player interaction, however the level of graphic detail is generally much higher than animated scratchcards.


Feature type games

Typically these are some of the most entertaining scratchcards available. They can be made up of any game type that has a win or lose outcome, from simple coin toss games through to more complicated treasure map hunter scenarios. Typically these are media rich games where the player interacts heavily with on screen elements to achieve a result.


Score based games (vs)

Players compete against a computer character/element to win a challenge. If the player wins, they get paid out the amount shown in the scratch panel. These games feature a lot of animation, excitement and fun gameplay, with more advanced games portraying a perceived element of skill.


Numbers games (Combination games)

In Combination based games the order in which items are drawn is not important, rather just that the item was drawn is good enough for a win. Typically these games are made up of Lottery, Keno and Bingo type games, where winning scratchcards merely contain winning 'tickets'.


Racing games (Permutation games)

Racing games on the other hand rely on the order in which items are drawn, much like any type of race.


Scratchcard portfolios

The most effective technique is obviously creating a portfolio of games that appeals to the widest variety of players, thus maximising player acquisition (minimising acquisition spend) and allowing for a wider base of games which in turn assists retention.

We suggest portfolios made up of the following games type distributions.

Portfolio size and game type composition

Game Types 200 games 100 games 50 games 25 games 10 games 5 games
Traditional type scratch cards (Static / high detail) 40 20 9 5 3 3
Traditional type scratch cards (Animated) 40 20 9 5 3 2
Current online casino scratch cards 20 10 8 5    
Casino based scratch card games 10 5 4      
2nd Screen type games 40 20 8 5 2  
Score based games (vs) 40 20 8 5 2  
Combination based games (Numbers games) 5 3 2      
Permutation based games 5 2 2      

To date we have focused primarily on the online space, however we are not limited to any one specific production platform and look forward to work with land based system providers.