What we do

In a nut shell...

‘Bet Foundry’s primary focus is the creative design and production of exciting and entertaining online gambling games and content.’

Game Types

We’ve produced pretty much every type of online gambling game to date, however we have found ourselves specialising in all the various types of Slot machine and Scratchcard production.
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Strategy & Concept

We understand that each of our clients have different game requirements, given the different sectors of the market that they are in and target. We pride ourselves on understanding and researching their requirements which enable us to create the perfect games for them.
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Design & Storyboards

Our design of each game is closely linked to the concept and strategy, using elements that players can easily identify with. In addition the storyboards allow our clients to get involved with the game early on, as well as allowing different parts of our production team to work in parallel to reduce delivery times.
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Game media productions

We produce games in many types of media, in various levels of detail as well as various levels of complexity. This depends on various factors, including; client strategy, client budget , client systems, player expectation, player playback capabilities, and delivery capabilities.
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Probability & Statistical analysis

We firmly believe that each game theme extends past it’s graphical skin, and through carefully aligning the probability and statistical engine of the game, that we are able to produce games that are better targeted and ultimately generate more excitement within our clients user base.
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As each client is different, we have taken the philosophy of fitting into our clients current systems in various different levels of integration. This allows us to alleviate client development stresses and integrate at various levels where required.
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