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The Boss wants to see you

Take a deep breath and put on your best suit. The Boss wants to see you. And if you don’t want him ordering a piece of work on you, you better hurry! Reeltime Gangsters are here, and they’re ready to pop the kneecaps of ‘dem low payin’ machines! The Don don’t like no low payout machines! Are you ready for your first job?

Being part of the Reeltime Gangsters is quite a privilege – as long as you don’t mess with the Boss, or turn to the other side. You’ll get crates of liquor and tons of loot, baseball bats to help you whack a few rats, guns, and a getaway car – everything you’ll need to collect the big money! And the Boss is a fair guy. He’ll give you 5 reels with 15 pay lines and so many ways to win, you’d think there was corruption in the ranks! Back to Game Listing