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Slot machine or time machine

Slot machine or time machine – you decide! Jump millions of years back in time to an age when dinosaurs ruled and don’t forget to *pinch* yourself - you’re not dreaming. Forget everything you know about Tyrannosaurus Rex - this lush land before time is the home of the mighty Dollarsaurus - the biggest kept secret of all time! A beast of legendary size, this predator dominated the food chain and could literally summon volcanoes to spew forth non-stop pay outs and jungles to grow rich with massive money trees!

Seeing is believing, but there’s no time for sightseeing - you’ve got to find the Dollarsaurus before your time slot machine reels you back to the future! Match prehistoric symbols of dinosaurs and eggs on multiple pay lines, walk with these real-life monsters and fight your way through the 5 pay line wilderness! Back to Game Listing