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Set sail for pirate adventure

“Shiver me timbers, are ye a landlubber or a salty sea dog?” Set sail for pirate adventure on the high seas with Buccaneer’s Gold! Command your burley crew of cutthroats to conquer and plunder in this epic video slot machine. Open seas, barrels of rum… this is the life! Just make sure you’re not walking the plank when the 5 reels spin and your multiple pay lines cough up that sparkling chest of gold doubloons!

In your journey you’ll encounter treasure maps, eye-patches, canons and gold doubloon symbols as you breathe in that salty sea air, reeling in the choppy waves on course to that rapscallion loot. So strap your boot, adjust your eye patch and brandish that cutlass – you’re going need it if you want to cheat Davey Jones’ Locker! Back to Game Listing